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Brand: Autool
Product Code: ATL5078
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Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools
Language: English
Hardware Version: V1.5
Brand Name: AUTOOL
Software Version: AUTOOL A1
Software Update: No
Special Features: With PIC18F25K80 Chip
Vehicles generally supported in Asia: Above 2008
Universal support in the European Region: Above 2003 year
Universal support in the United States: Above 2000 year
The "Ford" and "GM" cars : Above 2008 year


Automobile diagnostic instrument

By Autool

Features and specifications:

Supported protocols:

0. Automatic

1. SAE J1850 PWM(41.6Kbaud)

2. SAE J1850 VPW(10.4Kbaud)

3. ISO9141-2(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)

4. ISO14230-4 KWP(5 baud init,10.4 Kbaud)

5. ISO14230-4 KWP(fast init,10.4 Kbaud)

6. ISO15765-4 CAN(11-bit ID,500 Kbaud)

7. ISO15765-4 CAN(29-bit ID,500 Kbaud)

8. ISO15765-4 CAN(11-bit ID,250 Kbaud)

9. ISO15765-4 CAN(29-bit ID,250 Kbaud)

AUTOOL A1 function:

OBD SCAN is the newly developed wireless scan tool. It supports all OBD-II /EOBD/JOBD protocols

* Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specifics, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).

* Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)

* Display current sensor data, including:

* Engine RPM

* Calculated load value

* Coolant temperature

* Fuel system status

* Vehicle speed

* Short term fuel trim

* Long term fuel trim

* Intake manifold pressure

* Timing advance

* Intake air temperature

* Air flow rate

* Absolute throttle position

* Oxygen sensor voltages / associated short term fuel trims

* Fuel system status

* Fuel pressure

* Many others...

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